Caliber Advantage

Working with Caliber equates to a long term partnership. We strive to build deep meaningful bonds with our clients and truly understand their business to profound depths. Our teams are composed of experienced professionals with deep industry and functional experience. We are boutique, we are specialized, and inject utmost flexibility when managing our engagements. We endeavor to bring results to your business as if it was ours. We are not called Caliber for nothing; high quality, performance, and customer satisfaction is in our DNA

Pillars of Advantage: We focus and strive for implementation and results-this is driven by our four pillars of advantage

  • Expertise: Staffing our projects with functional and industry experts to ensure high performance delivery
  • Agility: Always anticipating and catering to what is best for the client before, during, and after project implementation
  • Caliber Quality: High quality on-time delivery that meets and exceeds client’s expectations
  • Partnership: Forming deep bonds with clients to profoundly understand their business like it was ours, and developing solutions through true collaboration

In today’s dynamic business environments uncertainty has become the new norm. Organization’s need to be agile enough to seize up and coming competitive advantages. We understand this need for flexibility and apply it to our projects where we too are agile enough to always meet clients’ needs

We wanted to build a company that moved away from producing shiny powerpoint reports to a company that produced real results
– Rani Salman, Managing Partner and Founder