People & Culture

In today’s dynamic world, people and culture have become organizations’ real sustainable competitive advantage. Organization culture can be a powerful force that pushes your strategy forward or holds it back. Many leaders understand the importance of culture; we estimate that about 65% of leaders believe it is just as important as strategy. However, only 12% believe that they have successfully been through a cultural change or transformation. We have a sharp focus on making cultural programs work and shifting critical behaviours of an organization to enable strategy to the fullest.

Change Management and Organization Development and are used to drive any type of organizational change effort ranging from process, technology, to strategic. Our approach focuses on leveraging both top-down and bottom-up change levers to ensure the change is sustainable.

In addition to supporting organizations with cultural change; our People & Culture practice focuses on strategic people interventions dealing with talent management and HR. These include Strategic HR Transformations, Succession Planning, Talent Management, Leadership Development, and others.

If strategy represents the compass of the ship, and operations the engine, then people and culture are the captain, crew, and spirit of the ship. Without them the ship will never take off from its dock

People & Culture Case Studies

HR Strategic Transformation at Educational Institution

With a bevy of complaints directed to HR, a leading educational institute in the GCC decided it was time to transform the HR function to better meet the needs of the organization.

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After a detailed assessment, it was discovered that most of the organization was satisfied with the administrate functions (payroll, leave processing etc.) but major issues existed in the strategic functions. A roadmap was set to strategically transform the HR function to put more emphasis on elements such as manpower planning, rewards and recognition, individual performance, and talent management. Redesign of the HR structure and recruitment of fresh talent was key, as well as the re-engineering of some of the current HR processes, to better suit the needs of its customers.


Cultural Transformation at Leading Automotive Distributor

Leadership at a leading Automotive distributor in the GCC saw that they key to improving customer engagement and consequently loyalty and spend, was to make sure employees were in the right roles and engaged.

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A major employee and customer engagement program was launched which pinpointed which customer branches and departments were the lowest engagement areas. The trends were eye-opening, with a high correlation between performance of branches and employee engagement. From this analysis, a series of interventions which included training, process re-engineering, and incentive schemes (to promote certain behaviors) were implemented both in the organization and in the branches. A year later there was a 30% increase in overall employee engagement accompanied with a 15% increase in branch performance.


Living the Values to the Fullest at a Leading Pharma Player

One of the regional Pharma giants revisited its strategy and called upon Caliber Consulting to review its organizational values and more importantly focus on interventions that can ensure people were living the values.

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After a deep assessment, benchmarking, and leadership sessions a roadmap was developed to drive the critical behavioural changes derived from the values further. One of the most impactful interventions included linking the values to the newly revised competency framework, which ensured that critical behaviours were now being demonstrated.