Who we are

Caliber Consulting is a boutique management consulting firm and a trusted advisor on business strategy in the Middle East. We specialize in the design, synchronization, and enablement of organizational strategies. We partner with an array of clients to reach new frontiers and cross uncharted organizational territories. We work across various sectors in both the private and public domain and focus on strategy, operations, organization, and change.

Our consultants are agents of transformation with an obsession for achieving real tangible results. Our consultants come from diverse backgrounds and different seniority levels, but the one common thread among our people is the proven ability to deliver real results to organizations. We staff our projects with consultants that both have a breadth of experience in strategy consulting but also have depth i.e. functional and industry experts who inject their experience and expertise into the project. We are in the business of execution- putting recommendations to practice and plans to action. We are agile and ensure utmost flexibility to meet our client’s needs and tailor our solution to achieve high performance results.

We are strategy consultants, but consider ourselves as agents of change in the organizations we work with. We have a keen focus on achieving tangible results through relentless execution and delivering high octane performance

Mission, Approach, and Values :

We live out our mission, approach, and values everyday and our consultants are rewarded based on it

Caliber Consulting is a management consulting firm which specializes in helping organizations better execute their strategies through more effective design, alignment, implementation and enablement of strategy
Differentiating Approach
We are a results-driven organization that strives to make a real impact on our clients’ business through a sharp focus on execution, building meaningful partnerships, and a deep understanding of their business challenges. We do not model ourselves as advisors who leave behind a trail of unread reports; we are in the business of execution
Team & Values
Most our project teams are staffed with functional and industry experts that are well-seasoned in the realm of strategy execution and management consulting. We don’t staff our teams with novices with pure academic backgrounds and we strive to achieve real results. We live our values everyday and our culture is defined by it
Pursuit of Excellence Results Driven Work Ethic Intellectual Curiosity Client Focused