What we do

We help organizations realize their visions and strategies. We enable this realization through

  • Advisory & Consulting: Consulting clients on strategy realization through better design, synchronization, and enablement of their strategies. These are typically medium to short term engagements where we advise and support clients on the design of organizational solutions
  • Implementation: Longer-term engagements where we drive the execution of the organization’s most strategic initiatives and actions.  Once strategy is designed the execution begins, these engagements typically involve outsourcing a team or office to oversee and execute an organization’s strategic goals and initiatives
  • Capability Building: Up-skilling the workforce to build strategic competencies which will allow for better execution in the organization.  This involves training and developing staff in various areas such as strategy execution, performance management, innovation, etc.  Our training programs can be either in-house or for the public

To realize a strategy it is critical to ensure that all elements of the organization are synchronized towards its implementation. This involves aligning such things as performance, people, processes, technology, structure and culture to the organization’s strategy

Overview of Services and Sectors

Our services cut across a variety of industries but our main focus currently is on four key sectors. The vast experiences of our organization amount to over 100 engagements across the GCC region alone

Consulting Services in

Strategy Design

Execution Support in

Project Management Office setup and operationalization
Strategy Execution Office setup and operationalization
Resource Outsourcing

Capability Building in

Leadership & Change
Strategy Execution
Performance Management
Balanced Scorecard Roll Out
And others