Capability Building

To really execute strategies effectively it is important that individuals of the organization have the right strategic tools and competencies in place. Strategy execution is a team sport, where all employees of the organization become de-facto strategists. Our capability practice offers innovative and certified training and development programs geared to enhance your organization’s capabilities to execute strategies.

Our suite of training programs cover the most pressing domains of strategy execution, and are done either on a public level or can be done in-house in your organization. Our in-house trainings are customized to fit the specific training needs of your organization. Our trainings are differentiated through the use of certified and qualified trainers who both have the theoretical knowledge as well as deep practical experience on their respective areas.

In addition, most trainings center around practical exercises which ensure that participants work on specific issues and elements related to their organization. Thus, participants usually leave the course with tools which they can implement immediately after the training is completed, hence really improving our training ROIs.

Increased participation in the strategy execution process has always driven better results in organizations, with major increases in innovation, productivity, and speed. Organizational capability building remains another key lever to successful strategy realization.

Training Process

Before any of our trainings are delivered the training needs of our participants are specifically assessed. Our trainings are distinguished through a heavy emphasis on practical cases and more importantly allowing participants to work on real deliverables which they can use later on in their organization. Most trainings will end with an evaluation and certification issuance. We ensure participants leave the training with the right tools to deploy in their organization immediately.

Training Programs

Training programs can be either done publically or done in-house. When done in-house all training programs are customized to meet the training needs of the organization.