Certified Organization Design Program

Certified Organization Design ProgramThe design of any organization remains one of the key enablers to executing strategy effectively and maintaining a competitive advantage. Yet, getting the design right is not an easy endeavor and is often met with several challenges. In fact, we estimate that over 60% of organizational design efforts fail. Our Certified and Accredited Organization Design program aims at tackling these design challenges, and helping participants design organizations and/or business units that drive high performance and agility through proven techniques and practices. However, for this performance to be sustainable, a holistic design approach is needed which goes beyond structure to look at other organizational elements in a systematic way.

Caliber Consulting is the leader in providing Organization Design capability programs and consulting. We work with some of the premiere organizations in the Middle East in Africa in supporting them design organizations that enable the strategy and drive agility and high performance. The Caliber Academy’s Organization Design Programs are the only accredited and certified programs in the region. Public programs and in-house bespoke programs are delivered throughout the year.

Key Overview and Topics

  • Demystify organization design and understand how it differs from org development
  • Understand the barriers to an ineffective organization design that leads to high failure rates
  • View organization design as a system of interdependent elements and review existing models
  • Align structure to strategy
  • Deep dive into proven methodologies to assess, design, implement and adapt organization designs
  • Gain an extensive toolkit of best practices, frameworks, and tools to design high-performance organizations
  • Learn how to build agility into an organization through organization design
  • Build and uplift your org design competencies
  • Understand organization design’s impact on culture transformation

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We offer public programs, in-house customized training, as well as consulting solutions to ensure value added organization design that enable strategy