Cost Reduction

Strategy Execution Performance Conference

Cost Reduction (Dec 6-8)

This training will be conducted by renowned international guru and author Ron Nussle, a hands-on C-Level executive who has conducted over 500 cost reduction projects. This is a practical hands-on training where participants are asked prior to the event to identify cost reduction pain points and tackle them during the training itself. Participants will learn techniques, tools and strategies, which have proven to reduce cost by 6-25% in organizations worldwide across a variety of sectors. Participants will gain access to a unique cost reduction tool-box which has successfully been used for the past 20 years in hundreds of organizations globally. They will then apply learnings to real business problems with advice and mentorship from a guru in this field. Post training sessions with participants will also be conducted to check on cost reduction progress and provide further advice. Don’t miss your chance to enroll in this course and start making change happen in your organizations.

Contact: for more details and registration (spaces are limited)