Organization Design Virtual Master Class 21-23, June 2022

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Organization Design Virtual Master Class (21-23, June 2022)

About the Course

One of the most asked question we see is – what is the “ideal” organization design? As OD specialists, we always stress that there is no perfect organization design and this has been proven by the wave of challenges that have been felt by everyone during these unprecedented times. Instead of searching for something that doesn’t exist in reality, equip yourself with the tools and capabilities to be able to build effective organizations which drive high-performance and are agile, adapting to the storm of uncertainty.

Understand the best OD practices and gain the knowledge you need to effectively re-design organizations directly from an international OD Thought Leader and Expert – Graham Dalton. Our Certified Virtual Organization Design program combines the insights and knowledge delivered by the renowned thinker with a state of the art Learning Management System. Benefit from Live Interactive Training, a plethora of Online Learning Resources, Videos and Articles, Virtual Group Activities and Simulations and On-Demand support and guidance from an OD Consultant.

Gain an internationally recognized Certified in OD, accredited by the only Certified Training Provider in the region.

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Organization Design Virtual Master Class June 21-23-2022