People Analytics Virtual Master Class 17-19, May 2022

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People Analytics Virtual Master Class (17-19, May 2022)

People Analytics: Becoming A Data Driven Industry Practitioner

The purpose of organizational analytics efforts is to focus on finding facts to demonstrate “objective” realities in the organization system. Being able to drive and influence the right interpretation of available data means discussing not only factual presentations but meaningful actionable insights.

Traditionally, analytics approaches rely heavily on analysing, collecting and deciphering large amounts of data by the individual responsible. These stunning visuals and complex stories need to be broken down in a way that involves the entire business function. The perception of the function changes accordingly and both analytics and non-analytics roles become equally familiar and involved with the principles, concepts and learnings from the related scope of the project.

The techniques implemented in this year’s PA Master Class is catered to both analytical and non-analytical professionals which provides the necessary tools and frameworks to overcome the current challenges facing People Analytics.

Our 3-day training program is led by David Millner who is an author and experienced HR thought leader, who has helped countless organizations build, deliver, and enhance their business function by driving their decision-making capabilities through a methodical people analytics approach.

David Millner is a global training professional in People Analytics, HR, and Organizational Development. He is an author and highly experienced consultant, helping HR leaders transform their capability to meet ever-changing business demands.

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People Analytics Virtual Master Class 17-19 May 2022