Workforce Planning Virtual Masterclass August 29 – 31, 2023

Strategy Execution Performance Conference

Workforce Planning Virtual Masterclass August (29 – 31, 2023)

About the Course

Join us for an exclusive three-day training program dedicated to Workforce Planning. This exclusive masterclass will be conducted by renowned HR thought leader and author of over 100 books- Dr. William J. Rothwell. The masterclass focuses on developing and sustaining the talent pipeline in your organization to ensure effective business continuity.  In addition, it will focus on optimizing workforce planning in your organizations to align the right people and skills to the organization’s strategy.  The training gives unique insights into the best practices utilized in Workforce Planning while providing the needed frameworks, techniques, and tools exhibited by the world’s leading organizations. Don’t miss your chance to enroll in this course and start making change happen in your organizations.

Contact for more details and registration (spaces are limited).