Culture Transformation Master Class 24-26 November

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Culture Transformation Master Class (24-26 November 2020)

About the Course

We all know the saying that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. That famous saying resonates well into reality, as only 19% of global executives claim to have the “right culture.” As one prominent CEO once said, culture is the hardest, yet most critical part of any business transformation. Many organizations face a cultural gap, where they understand the importance of culture, yet do not have the right skills and capabilities to make real change happen.

Join our Virtual Master Class designed to tackle these cultural challenges and demystify Organizational Culture, providing you with an in-depth understanding of the key drivers, the needed practical frameworks, techniques, and tools that impact your organization’s culture to maintain a competitive edge.

Our Certified program will be delivered by one of the world’s most prominent thinkers and references on Organization Culture- Marcella Bremer, and combines a hands-on practical learning experience with high-quality materials and real-life case studies to provide you with an enriching learning experience. Benefit from Live Interactive Training, an extensive database of Online Learning Resources, Videos and Articles, Virtual Group Activities, and On-Demand support and guidance from a Change Management Consultant.

Whether you are looking to build a culture more focused on innovation, accountability, or performance orientation, this program will grant you the knowledge and skills needed to make successful cultural change happen in your organization.

Additionally, the program is also recognized by the leading Change institution globally, the ACMP (Association of Change Management Professionals), and the course enables you to become a Certified Change Management Professional. It will also enable you to earn professional development credits from SHRM and HRCI thus advancing your career. Don’t miss your chance to enroll in this course and have lasting impacts on your career and organization.

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