Organizational Agility Master Class September

Strategy Execution Performance Conference

Organizational Agility Master Class (September 1-3, 2020)

About the Course

How do you shape your organization to be receptive to change and deliver with speed and flexibility? In today’s world, it is crucial for firms to quickly adjust to the increasing pressures and disruptions. This unique 3-day Virtual Masterclass dives deep into what key elements of an organization (structure, people, culture, technology, etc.) need to change to drive true agility. Gain an interactive learning experience and overcome the common mistakes and obstacles associated with achieving an Agile Operating Model, while meeting the organizations’ objectives promptly and efficiently.

Understand the best Agile practices and achieve the expertise you need to effectively re-design your organization directly from an international Agile Specialist – Dr. Richard Thayer. Our Certified Virtual Organization Agility program combines the insights and skills delivered by the distinguished thought leader with a state-of-the-art Learning Management System. Benefit from Live Interactive Trainings, a plethora of Online Learning Resources, Videos and Articles, Virtual Group Activities/Simulations, and On-Demand support and guidance from an Agility Consultant.

Gain an internationally recognized Certification in Agility, accredited by the only Accredited Training provider in the region for Organization Design.

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